Q: I already take card payments with another system. Do I get enquiries directly? 

A: This depends on the package you have chosen. You can manage your enquiries and bookings through your dashboard to make the booking process easy for you and your guests. This applies to annual or quarterly plans. Or you may choose the pay per booking plan

Q: I’ve always accepted bank transfers and they work fine for me. 

A:  Offering your guests the opportunity to pay online builds more trust and it is a more customer friendly experience. It allows you and the renter to get to know each other better. Consumers are used to paying for things online and being able to make an instant payment is more convenient for them.

Paying with a credit card is a secure way to pay and StayHomeAway has made its online payment services even more appealing and very easy to accept major credit cards or paypal.

Q: I’m worried I’ll lose my control over the booking process. I like to screen my guests before accepting them

A: It’s up to you how you want to use these tools to help you in your booking process. There are two options available:

If you choose annual Package or pay per booking; Online Bookings and Payments:

  • Annual package allows you to interact directly with your guests, however, we take it seriously in evaluating every holiday home renter and still use care to check who rents your home, hence we encourage renters to book via our platform
  • Whichever package you choose, allows holidaymakers to send you a booking request
  • You have 24 hours to decide whether or not to accept the booking, giving you time to screen the guest.
  • The holidaymaker must accept your rental agreement to secure the booking.

If you choose to use Pay per booking:

  • Allows you to request payments from your guests via email when needed.
  • You can amend your response templates in   to say what you want to need to say to your guests.

The Reservation Manager emails are StayHomeAway brand focus on your property (including: your property title, your advert headline, your property thumbnail image, and a link to your property advert).

Please note: we highly recommend you always screen any potential guest before letting them book your home, if you are taking bookings yourself. Please read our guide for more information.

Q: I take a security deposit, and then ask the guests to pay for the rest of the fee nearer the time. Is this possible using your tools? 

A: You have the option to split up the payments your guests make to you. I you want you can take a deposit to secure the booking and then the holidaymaker can pay the balance at a later date.  The last payment date is defined by you, or you have the option for the balance to be paid on arrival.

You can request up to payments in stages

Q: Your pricing system does not suit our rental. We do not offer nightly rates.

A: Holidaymakers use nightly rates to plan their holidays because it helps them find a rental which is in line with their budget. That is why nightly rate is currently mandatory for getting online bookings. How ever you do have the option to have weekly and monthly rates, for example, if you list that your minimum stay is 1 week your listing would display a weekly price in the search page.

Q: Online bookings and payments look very complicated to set up and use. 

A: Help is at hand. You can request a call from one of our customer support representatives, who will help you complete your application successfully.

Q: I’m reluctant to depart with personal information, such as my passport or driving licence number when I register for bookings and payments. Why do you need this?

A: We need this information from you as absolute proof of identity to ensure that your payments are going to you. Don’t worry, it is confidential and StayHomeAway will never pass on your personal details to any third parties.

Q: How long is the processing time for payments?

A: 3 - 5 working days

Best recommended to transact all your bookings and communication on our platform for better safety and reliable service