Los Angeles

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Rather than taking a plane and feeling miserable, you can drive down to the city all the way from Seattle. Going down features some stunning scenery with the Redwood Highway being the most memorable stretch of road for me. The mammoth trees are truly majestic and the roads are nice and curvy, with a fairly high speed limit.

 The change in scenery as you exit Oregon and enter California is also something worth noting. It feels momentous as you break through the cool shade of the forests and get welcomed by the beautiful beaches and the Californian sunshine. It’s an awesome change of pace after hours of looking at trees.

 Travelling via the California State Route 1 to finally reach Los Angeles. It’s runs along the entire coastline of the state which are easily one of the most beautiful in the country. The stretch of road along Big Sur is particularly scenic though can be tedious to drive due to slow traffic and need for constant braking. It’s brilliant for an hour but gets taxing after a few. It’s hard to deny the splendour of driving along the coastline in perfect weather with the ocean breeze in your hair though.


There’s a famous notion about what all you can do in one day in L.A. People like to say, in just 24 hours, you can surf at the beach, ski on the mountain and play in the desert. While logistically this is true, a spectacular amount of time would be spent in the city’s notorious traffic.

Though the Los Angeles area is home to nearly 13 million residents, you can still enjoy the feeling of wide, open spaces and chic, private oases with the right plan. The City of Angels is dominated by the entertainment industry, the allure of celebrity and a varied geographical landscape of desert, mountain and sea. From the glamour of Old Hollywood to feasts at new restaurants — there’s a lot to experience, To get to the most out of these 4,752 square miles of urban sprawl in a mere 48 hours, dive into the diverse culture of its distinct neighbourhoods.