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Hotel prices are constantly on the rise, thus making vacation rentals more and more attractive, often providing more space, more privacy and amenities for less than you would spend on a hotel per night. But the right apartment in some locations such as Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris or seaside cottage in Florida can be a tasking.


Today StayHomeAway, offers a wide variety of rentals ideal for every budget with quality and comfort in mind and has made it possible for travellers to rent homes, condos, or even just about anyone with a spare room to advertise their property. Travellers can spend hours searching online. Here at is the go-to site. It allows users to post a free listing — whether it’s a pull-out sofa in the living room or a private apartment. So far, there are 1000s of listings in over 75 countries, with a good chunk in cities like New York, San Francisco, London and Paris. You can also narrow your search to spare rooms or entire homes, among other filters. 


Linking your Facebook account to StayHomeAway will let you see any connections to hosts through mutual affiliations. Find something you like? You pay StayHomeAway by credit card or PayPal.; there may be a minimal booking fee. To help ensure that guests are treated well and accommodations are as described, the money isn’t released to the host until 24 hours after you check in. Unless booking directly with a verified owner. StayHomeAway may offer a wide range of accommodations, including luxury homes and yachts.




I recently visited Minety, in the Costwolds. It is in a county filled with farms, small towns with dotted fishing lakes around. The surrounding towns of Cirencester, Chippenham and Malmesbury are worth while the visit.

I enjoyed a long drive to Cornwall is usually referred to as the backwater of England. To compare and contrast, one might think of Cornwall as the Kentucky or Tennessee in America. But far from the truth…..

This simple lifestyle is what gives Cornwall its charms and is one of the reasons why many visitors return every year. Liife in the east around London is busy. People in the street rarely acknowledge each other, it’s all business, and everyone is rushing somewhere. You keep your head down and go on your own way. In Cornwall, everyone was friendly, life was slower, the kids could stay out at night, and there’s a plethora of outdoor activities. Though this difference could be said about any rural/city comparison in the world, the analogy certainly applies here and is why so many couples and families move here from the Big Smoke.



I was out here visiting my friends Kate and Louise. I had met them while studying in West. It was nice to meet up and take a bike round. There are indeed some amazing cottages in Cornwall worth staying in. Cornwall has a lot to offer.

Events in Cornwall

There’s always something happening in Cornwall. Get caught up in a vibrant street party, join the locals at an annual festival or feel the adrenaline of a sporting challenge.

Food, music, literature, walking, performance, arts and craft, seasonal fun - anything and everything goes in Cornwall and we're guaranteed to have an event dedicated in its honour! Come and mingle, get stuck in or simply soak up the atmosphere loaded with Cornish culture.





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